24 mai 2015

Ray's Big Idea

In 2012 I had the opportunity to work on Ray's Big Idea, a short film directed by Steve Harding-Hill, at Aardman studio. In this 4 min cg movie you follow Ray, a plucky, pioneering pre-historic fish, through his ground-breaking plan to improve his life. On the project (which should be online in september 2015) I essentially worked on the color keys, here are some of the images I did for the first shots:

You can see more of Big Ray's Idea on my Facebook page

02 mai 2015


In 2011 I had the opportunity to work a couple of weeks as an early concept artist on Dreamworks' Penguins of Madagascar movie. I've been asked to do some first designs for the vilain's submarine and secret island. It was still an early stage of the production, so many things changed through the making of the movie, but some ideas have been kept. Here some of the designs I did:


Here are some of the concepts and designs I have done for Batz, between 2007 and 2012.
Max Maléo directed the short and I've done the designs and art direction:

You can see more designs on my Facebook page

26 avril 2015

BATZ - The Movie

The short film Batz is now online!
Thanks again to all the kickstarters who helped us to achieve the project!
Check out also the website, for bonus, art-of and goodies.

21 janvier 2015

Flight of the Stories

To commemorate the First Word War Centenary and the opening of the new gallery at the Imperial War Museum in London, Aardman created a 1:30 mins film, directed by Darren Dubicki.
The aim of this movie was to recreate a painting-feel animation, with English war painters and their muted color palet -like Paul Nash- as main inspiration.
Here are some color keys and background paintings I've done for this project, which has been nominated to the Annie Awards this year, for Best Animated TV/Broadcast Commercial.
You can watch the film here 

22 septembre 2014


Last year I was quite busy working on the development of the Popeye feature at Sony Picture Animation, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, and Scott Wills as the production designer. For a bit more than a year I had the opportunity - and a lot of fun- to do concept artworks and colour keys on the project, until it got on hold last December. At that time the movie was fully story-boarded and incredibly promising.

Here is the CG animation test that has just been released, based on a sequence that I colour-keyed:

In the video presentation, some of the images I've done can be seen on the walls of the studio:

Fingers crossed the project will go back in pre-production soon!

09 avril 2014

Watching the world go by

I've no idea why I haven't posted it before, but here is my Yeti contribution for the collective exhibition "Merveilleux", tales and legends, at the Parisian gallery Arludik, which took place last year :

23 février 2014

Room On The Broom

After the "Gruffalo's Child", here is my contribution for the half hour film "Room On The Broom".
As the previous one, working on this project has been a great experience, and I wish the best to Jan Lachauer and Max Lang for their deserved Oscar nomination!

You'll find more behind the scene and artworks (including Manu Arenas' incredible designs) on Max Lang's blog:
And here's the trailer:

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