23 février 2014

Room On The Broom

After the "Gruffalo's Child", here is my contribution for the half hour film "Room On The Broom".
As the previous one, working on this project has been a great experience, and I wish the best to Jan Lachauer and Max Lang for their deserved Oscar nomination!

You'll find more behind the scene and artworks (including Manu Arenas' incredible designs) on Max Lang's blog:
And here's the trailer:

© Orange Eyes Limited 2012  -  Produced by Magic Light Pictures

16 commentaires:

miniPau a dit…

Cute cute cute!!!! really inspiring work!

Benjamin Bach a dit…

Awh Aurelien - The quality of these make me melt! Love it! When are you going to share some proces-tutorial, brushpack or related? Thoroughly enjoy your works - and hi from Denmark!

Aurélien Predal a dit…

Thanks guys!
Benjamin, I'll have a think about it!

Jampix a dit…

Hi Aurelien, I've just discovered your blog and I love your work. I've added you to my blog, I hope that's ok

hadrien a dit…


Aluminum Fishing Boats website a dit…

Love your drawing. This was so something that was meaning to anyone. All the content of the article was great you will really appreciate it. Thanks for Sharing..

pascal a dit…

J'ai decouvert ton travail par Rodolphe Guenoden il y a quelques annees, et je suis un grand fan.

Benjamin FLOUW a dit…

C'est fou ! Vraiment super beau, bravo

samacleod a dit…

Beautiful work. Wonderful colors.

Recommended Office Furniture Locksmiths a dit…

i love the room in the broom, your drawings are amazing, I love those colors, impressive!

Maël Gourmelen a dit…

Magnifique !


You are a super class, man.

Aurélien Predal a dit…

Thanks a lot guys! : )
Alfonso, congratulation for your job in Finland!

SHOo a dit…

Toujours aussi beau ton boulot!

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